Wine For Cats Is Here, People

You never knew you wanted it but now it’s here and we are all going to give in to cat wine.

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The Pinot Meow could be your cat's new beverage of choice. Via Apollo Peak/Instagram

You want your cat to keep it classy, right? Then you clearly have to put the water dish off to the side and get kitty some wine. Obviously.

Apollo Peak Ltd. in Denver, Colorado, has created a catnip-infused, locally sourced “wine” cats can drink, according to the company’s website. It’s made from organic beets and the site claims that ingesting the catnip within the blend could have mellowing effects on kitties.

“[It] tastes great and most cats just can’t resist that wonderful smell,” a blog post by Apollo’s namesake, a Chartreux cat, reads. So far, this seems like a more upscale, sassy alternative to water for sure.

The site has a FAQ page, which is a little funny because wine for cats is so new we didn’t know anything had been frequently asked yet. Anyway, here’s what we learned.

Apollo Wine started its cat-wine venture with a label. The winemakers put a “Pinot Meow” label on a bottle of people wine for friends. After that, they took the concept to the next logical step and actually made a cat wine for the cat-pun label.

Now it’s a real thing that you can order. Not, like, at a bar but maybe someday.

Drinking water is so basic. If you see your cat going for it, now you can offer her some wine instead.

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