Wine Club Creates Dog Stars

Dog Lovers Wine Club features a different member’s dog on each month’s wine labels.

These days, even the dogs of celebrities get famous – think Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua Tinkerbell, or Hilary Duff’s dog Lola. Now your dog can get her own 15 minutes of fame – courtesy of the Dog Lovers Wine Club, which designs a new wine label each month around a member’s dog.

“We wanted to create a personal wine experience,” says Matt Hahn, co-founder of the Dog Lovers Wine Club, in an interview with the Orange County (Calif.) Register. “It’s not just about the wine – it’s about the labels and the stories.”

Members submit photos and stories of their dogs, and wait in anticipation to hear if their dogs made the cut.

When Liz Hueg learned her dog, Petunia, would be featured on a recent $24 bottle of cabernet sauvignon, “I was jumping up and down,” says the California resident, who rescued Petunia when the German Shepherd Dog was an emaciated 33 pounds.

Hueg says she bought three cases of Petunia’s wine and hosted a party in the dog’s honor. “I always want to have a bottle around,” she says. “Maybe pass it on to my nieces or whatever – someone [who] was really, really special to me.”

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