Win-It-Wednesday: “CAT ART: Renowned Masterpieces for Cat Lovers”

See the new book that puts cats at the center of classic art and find how to get a copy of your own.

CatChannel readers have a unique chance to win a copy of the entertaining art book, “CAT ART: Renowned Masterpieces for Cat Lovers.”

The book contains 124 famous paintings spanning time periods from the Ancient Middle Ages through the 20th Century. Presented in chronological order, the “catified” artwork was created by artist and cat lover Shu Yamamoto, to the delight of cat lovers everywhere.

You can’t help but chuckle as you flip through the pages and recognize work by well-known artists like Renoir, Gustav Klimt and Warhol among others, turned into cat art. We can only wonder what the original artists would have said (though both Klimt and Warhol were known to be huge cat lovers).

Can’t wait to get your paws hands on one immediately, prance over to Amazon to get your cat art fix. It’s never too early to get an extra copy for the cat and art lover on your birthday or holiday list.

 “CAT ART: Renowned Masterpieces for Cat Lovers,” is  published by Kyuryudo Art Publishing Co., Ltd and distributed by PIE International/PIE Books.
PIE International/ PIE Books

About the book:
Shu Yamamoto, who tells himself as a cat/art lover, transformed the masterpieces into his unique world with his insights into art and love for cats. The paintings are presented in the chronological order of the reference works, from Ancient- Middle Ages- Orient, Renaissance, Impressionism to 20 Century Art, and readers can definitely tell which masterpieces are based on. The title, artist name, year and the owner of each reference work is listed in the back pages.

About the the Author:
Copyright: Shunuchi (Shu) Yamamoto
All Rights Reserved. 

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