Will Your Cat Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day?

Some cats are specific about where and when they'll accept hugs. This video shows a very particular spot where Marmalade accepts embraces.

Here’s to hoping you’ve marked your calendars cat people because today is National Hug Your Cat Day, and we’re giving our kitties an extra cuddle (or 50 – shhhh … we’re cat cuddle crazy). What’s that you say? Your cat’s not a hugger? Well, then you’ve got a feline who’s a bit like Mr. Marmalade.


Marmalade and Cole love their human Chris, but while Cole will cuddle up anytime, anyplace, anywhere, Marmalade likes to hug on his own terms – and in quite the quirky location. Want to know where that is (pssst…it’s a place where you can find toilet paper)? Peep the video here to find out. We’re 99.99% sure you can relate – trust us.


Is your cat a hugger? How will you be celebrating National Hug Your Cat Day?

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