Will Smith Falls for Doggie Costar

Actor had vowed not to let another dog into his heart after losing a childhood dog.

Will Smith fell in love while filming “I Am Legend.” But the on-set infatuation posed no risk to the actor’s longtime marriage to wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The object of Smith’s affection? Abbey, a German Shepherd Dog who appears with Smith in the sci-fi thriller.

“I was like, to [Abbey’s trainer and owner], ‘Please, Abbey has to live with me,’” Smith told the Houston Chronicle.

Smith said he fell in love with Abbey despite a longtime pledge not to fall for a dog. “When I was probably 9 years old, I had a dog named Trixie that got hit by a car. Since then, I have refused” to fall again, Smith said.

“My wife can have the dogs she wants, the kids can have the dogs they want, but I am not emotionally connecting myself to a dog anymore.”

Until Abbey. Not surprisingly, Abbey’s owner turned down Smith’s proposition. “He was like, ‘Well, it’s how I make my living, man.’ So I experienced the pain again.”

“I Am Legend” is in theaters now.

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