Wife Gives Ultimatum To Husband With 42 Aquariums

The Turkey-based radiologist just loves his aquarium fish too much.

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Önder Doganay’s favorite species of fish? The Discus. Via Karelj/Flickr
John Virata

Önder Doganay had a dilemma. His wife gave him an ultimatum. Either his collection of aquariums had to go or she will go. So, the  Ankara, Turkey-based radiologist did the next best thing. He kept all of his 42 aquariums, but he rented a flat to house them, and he hired a fish keeper to take care of his fish while he worked.

“The amazing world of marine life has sparked my interest in fish and aquariums. When I was a child, I used to buy ornamental fish,” he told the Daily Sabah. “When I am with my aquariums, I forget every other event on the Earth.”

While Doganay has kept all kinds of fish, guess what his current favorite is? The discus. Doganay is a discus lover, so it makes one wonder what his setups look like. But 42? How many tanks do you keep?

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