Wi-Fi Litterbox Tracks Cat Health

Wi-Fi and other sensors could link litter to a notification app that tracks your cat's health.

We’ve heard that watching the litterbox will tell us a lot about what’s going on with our cats but if your cat’s really good at shoveling litter over her leavings (or those leavings are kind of … off-putting), you might be able to get regular updates on output through different means.

Tailio is a device that uses Wi-Fi and other sensors to accumulate data from your cat’s litterbox and send it to an app. The creators made a Kickstarter page to help fund their prototype. Here’s how they describe the innovative device”

“We’re cat lovers. We wanted a solution to help pet families care for their cats in a meaningful, informative way. So we created Tailio. Designed with vets and other experts, Tailio is the world’s first smart monitoring system that will help you know when your cat needs care, by measuring their weight, waste, and elimination behaviors.”

You put the Tailio platform under your existing litterbox and download the mobile app. It works in multicat households, too. You can actively care for your cat by passively tracking it while you go about, as the manufacturers put it, “business as usual.”

The device collects data on your cat’s weight, waste amount, number of visits and how the cat uses the box. Then the collected data gets analyzed to find your cat’s patterns. If something’s up, Tailio will send a notification to your home.

Pretty neat, huh? You can help Tailio’s Kickstarter campaign here. Think you’d use a smart litterbox?

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