Why You Should Try A Dome Bird Feeder

Dome bird feeders can be used with any type of bird seed to attract different birds.

Excerpted from “Feeder Facts?in “Popular Birding Series: Backyard Birding,?lt;/em> published by I-5 Publishing, LLC.

Dome bird feeders generally consist of a platform with a domed top to keep rain and squirrels out of the bird seed. Dome bird feeders are very flexible, because you can add basically any type of birdseed, insect or fruit to the birdfeeder to attract  various species, depending on what you offer.

Some dome bird feeders come equipped with a place to add a suet cake or thistle feeder, so the varieties of wild birds attracted to this type of bird feeder are endless. Some dome feeders also have moveable domes that allow you to adjust the dome height, which will lock out some larger birds and act as a baffle for squirrels.

While the bird feeders?domes are designed to keep out rain, the chance remains that bird seed or other food will become wet. To prevent moldy food from making birds sick, you need to clean the bird feeder regularly, especially during wetter months.

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