Why Wilson The Cat Is The Frontrunner For Employee Of The Year At Lowe’s

Come on. Cats always win.

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Wilson hard at work at Lowes.Via Wilson Sykes/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

It can be a struggle to earn the illustrious title of Employee of the Year at your place of business. You have to go above and beyond – and make sure the higher-ups notice – every day. That could mean coming in early and staying late, taking on extra assignments not under your job description, never taking a sick day and countless other things. Coming up with a list of reasons why you or a coworker deserves that title could be difficult.

Unless you’re a cute cat who works at Lowe’s.

Wilson, who has already been named Official Bird Catcher, works part-time at Lowe’s in Pikeville, Kentucky. He’s recently been diagnosed with renal failure, resulting in the possibility that his home improvement store career may be coming to an end soon. Thankfully, photos of Wilson at work were posted on Imgur by Vool. They, of course, show off the top eight reasons why Wilson is the prime candidate for the Lowe’s Employee of the Year.

Reason No. 1: He Inspects The Carts From The Inside Out

Customers don’t want their tools to suddenly fall out of the shopping cart. Wilson makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Reason No. 2: He Doesn’t Let Break Time Interfere With His Duties

Meals and work are equally important.

Reason No. 3: He Monitors The Parking Lot

Customers feel safe heading to their vehicles with their paint samples and plants when Wilson is around.

Reason No. 4: He Tests Out The Furniture

This is a very important job.

Reason No. 5: He Ensures There’s Enough Room In The Shipping Boxes

Customers would be displeased if their cat-sized gardening supplies didn’t fit nicely in the box.

Reason No. 6: He Helps Customers During Purchases

Wilson wants to make sure no one has buyer’s remorse.

Reason No. 7: He Leads His Coworkers In A Morning Yoga Session

Exercise is important, especially when you’re on your feet all day.

Reason No. 8: He’s Awesome

Just look at him chillin’ at Lowe’s.

So what do you think? Should Wilson be named the Lowe’s Employee of the Year?

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