Why the Doberman Pinscher is Popular

Check out this old DogWorld article praising the Doberman Pinscher and explaining this dog breed's jump in popularity in 1928.

From the Archives of Dog World: Enjoy this all-access pass to dog history from the pages of the longest published dog magazine. This content remains in its original form and reflects the language and views of its time. Health and behavior information evolves and only the most current advice should be followed.

No dog breed has come to the front so rapidly as the Doberman Pinscher. Think of it, just a few short years ago, this dog breed was hardly known in this country, and when we began breeding them, there was only one other ad to be seen in the dog journals. When we talked about a Doberman Pinscher, we had many questions to answer, such as “What are they good for, what can they do, are they vicious, would they be safe with children?” and a hundred and one other such questions.

But now, no such questions are asked. We get letters saying, “I want a male puppy or female puppy, a stud dog or brood matron, I have a little child, and want a Doberman Pinscher to watch after it, I want a guard for my house,  I am alone and want protection, I have a car and want a Doberman Pinscher, to run with me,” and many other such letters come to us daily.

And why such a demand? The answer is simple and plain: “One win one,” Wherever the Doberman Pinscher goes, he proves his worth. Other people see him and are at once attracted to him. Kind and gentle, with out any pretence of show, yet his very presence speaks louder than words, and those with whom he comes in contact cannot help but notice his beautiful appearance.The Doberman Pinnscher’s character speaks to you through those beautiful eyes, and you find yourself at once in love, yes in love, not simply with a dumb brute, but something with character and refinement, a dog, but with “human brain.”

Excerpted from Dog World magazine, April 1923, Vol. VIII, No. 4.

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