Why Should I Show in Miscellaneous?

The AKC’s Miscellaneous Class gives lesser-known breeds invaluable visibility.

Q. What is the value of showing in the AKC Miscellaneous Class? I have a Cane Corso and a Cesky Terrier, which are both currently eligible to be shown in Miscellaneous.

A. The Miscellaneous Class can be considered a dress rehearsal for full AKC breed recognition. Although no championship points are awarded, showing in Miscellaneous is still hugely important.

Giving the Miscellaneous breeds visibility in the AKC world is invaluable. Judges need to become familiar with these breeds, as do your fellow exhibitors and the general public. By giving judges the opportunity to examine excellent specimens of the Miscellaneous breeds, you are helping to ensure that the transition to the AKC variety Groups will be a smooth one.

In the case of your own two breeds, you want the judges to feel comfortable and confident assessing them. The judges need to meet well-socialized Cane Corsos so they aren’t nervous examining this large, strong mastiff breed. The Cesky Terrier is unusual in that it has a silky coat which is clipped, not hand-stripped. The best way for judges to pick up the nuances of these breeds is to get practice evaluating them each weekend.

Regular exposure can also result in exhibitors becoming curious enough to acquire one of these breeds, as well as spectators coming to a dog show to find a breed and choosing a dog from the Miscellaneous Class.

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