Why Has My Cat Become Mean?

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, offers some reasons for the change in behavior.

Why the evil eye? Via Pixabay


My cat has always been very sweet to me and others. Lately though, he has become been nasty to other people. Any thoughts on why?


There could be all sorts of reasons for this type of behavior. The first thing I would suggest is to visit your vet. If you cat is OK physically, than you may want to query a feline behaviorist.

Meanwhile, I can share a story that shows just how sensitive our feline friends can be to changes in their routine. I used to cat sit for a very sweet kitty named Roscoe. His owner was a student and spent most of her day home with Roscoe, so they developed a cozy routine. Roscoe was always friendly to me when I would care for him until, all of a sudden, there was a huge change in his personality.

One visit I opened the door to find a true Halloween cat complete with growls and hisses. I could not believe it was the same calm, loving Roscoe. I literally had to dodge around him, in fear of getting bitten, to tend to his food and litter. On my way out, I managed to coax him into the bedroom where I left the door open a crack. This was so I could make my escape out the front door without a wild cat snarling behind me, and he could get his paw into the crack in the bedroom door to get out

After I left I started to worry if Roscoe had been able to nudge the bedroom door open. I turned around, went back to the building, climbed the stairs and quietly put the key in the front door. I needn’t have worried, I was “greeted” by a hissing Roscoe right at the front door. I quickly closed it before he got out and I got bitten!

When I told his owner about the behavior, she was stunned. Roscoe was just as nice as always with her. However, I learned that her home routine had changed dramatically. She now had a boyfriend and was spending lots of time at his house. We could not say for sure if this caused Roscoe’s anti-social outbursts, but it is good to remember to give special thought to our kitties throughout major changes in our lives.

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