Why Does He Do That?

Does your bird ever leave you scratching your head in puzzlement? Here are a couple puzzlers, courtesy of my nanday conure Ollie:

Ollie has a lovely variety of perches, yet I often find him clinging to the cage bars. I interpret this as his not-so-subtle-way of asking me to let him out. So what leaves me scratching my head is when, after I open the cage door, he is still “vertically perched” on the bars, swaying to his own song, content as can be.

Another is his happy hut and, while I’m at it, his comfy perch. These are his two most cherished areas of the cage, yet Ollie shreds them to pieces over the course of about six months. (He must realize by now that there are some consequences, such as a lag time between him destroying and me going out and buying another one.) It would be like me carving up my car upholstery or picking off the keys of my laptop. (The difference, I suppose, is that I know no one is going to magically replace my destroyed items!) And I don’t think I will ever figure out why Ollie is deathly afraid of the Swiffer mop but not the broom. What do your birds do that leave you absolutely perplexed?

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