Why Does A Ferret Drink Its Pee?

Is there something wrong with a ferret that drinks its urine?

Q: My wife and I have two ferrets, one white and one raccoon-mottled. The mottled one drinks her pee. Is this normal? The white one, also a female, does not drink her pee. Could the mottled ferret be missing something from her diet? We feed her a good brand of ferret food from the pet store.

A: Great question, and I am not sure anyone knows the answer. If it has happened suddenly and the ferret is well fed, hydrated and otherwise healthy, this behavior probably warrants a visit to the veterinarian to have your ferret checked out.

If any medical concerns are ruled-out, then it may be that this ferret likes the salty taste and it’s available to drink. It also may indicate that you should add more litter boxes.

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