Why Do Parakeets Poop So Often?

Birds and parrots have higher metabolic rates and poop more often as a result.

parakeet humorHave you ever had a stranger ask you if you have a pet bird and found yourself proudly answering yes, only to find that you’re around in public with little dried squiggles of poop on the back of your shoulder? Unlike dogs, small birds such as budgerigars (budgies) or parakeets aren’t easy to potty train. It’s easier to train yourself to change T-shirts more often!

There are two reasons your pet bird leaves presents on your T-shirts more often than you’d like. First, parakeets, like all parrots, poop often because they can fly. To fly, birds need to be streamlined and as light as possible, which is why they poop so often. A bird who’s holding a load of poop is a heavier bird who has to work harder to fly. So nature has given birds a small place in their bodies to hold poop, forcing them to eliminate far more often than most other animals.

Secondly, parakeets, like many of the other smaller parrots, have a high metabolic rate. This means that they have to eat a lot to maintain their body weight and to keep everything working the way it should. So, if a parakeet eats often, she poops often. Now, how to get parakeet poop out of your new designer shirt …

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