Why Do Parakeets Attack Their Toys?

Parakeets love to assert themselves, and there? no better reward for that activity than beating up their bird toys or ringing a bell.

parakeet humor

Parakeets aren’t as aggressive as some of the other commonly kept parrots, but they aren’t docile little creatures either. Squabbles break out frequently among pairs or groups of parakeets, and it’s not unusual for one or two parakeets in an aviary to bully others. But what about the parakeets who’s all alone, with only her toys for company during the day? That parakeet has no choice but to befriend her toys, and in every good friendship there is conflict. She may sidle up to a plastic parakeet toy for some affection, and when it doesn’t respond to her advances, she may choose to beat it savagely instead. Mirror toys are treated with similar hostility – the parakeet in the mirror is behaving antagonistically, so why shouldn’t it receive a savage beating? Other toys are prone to rough play as well, especially toys with bells or other toys that make noise. Parakeets love to assert themselves onto their environment, and there’s no better reward for that activity than a ringing bell.

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