Why Do My Cats Walk-Block Me?

Cats move for no one, even if one is walking right into them. Why?

Why do my cats block the space where I am walking, and when I trip or step on them by mistake they look at me as if I have a problem? Rodney Lamont Grimes

‘Cause cats are jerks like that.

When you invite cats to live in your home you and all the other people who live there with you lose your status as most important residents behind the furry quadrupeds.

Cats find you competent enough to feed them, clean up after them and brush them, so it stands to reason that they believe you’d be able to walk around their home without stepping on them. If there’s a nice beam of sunlight steaming across the floor or a patch of rug that’s the perfect vantage point for checking out the cat-meal-prepping area, you should expect a cat to be there.

Your cats might also think they’re being considerate by camping out on the floor instead of plopping down and shedding on your favorite chair or couch cushion — they’re leaving those spots for you. You never sit on the floor right in front of the toilet (except that one time after that party) or on the kitchen tile in front of that cabinet where you store all the cleaning supplies, so why not keep them traffic free for catnaps?

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