Why Do Cockatiels Like to Sit in High Places?

Cockatiels, going off instinct, like to be up high to survey the landscape for any animals who would eat them.

Why Do Cockatiels Like to Sit in High Places?

The better to see you, my dear. Cockatiels do many things simply because they’re prey animals. Though wild cockatiels feed on the ground most of time, they are especially alert and would rather be up in a tall tree surveying the landscape for the animals who would cockatiel humoreat them.

Your curtain rods, ceiling fans, and chandeliers all make fabulous yet dangerous perching places for a cockatiel. A ceiling fan is especially dangerous, and chandeliers may contain toxic metals. If you don’t want to have to retrieve your beloved pet from high in the rafters, consider clipping her wings or offering her a safer place to fly.

Some people theorize that allowing a bird to sit higher than your head makes her feel superior to you. This may be true for individual birds, but on the whole, a well-socialized cockatiel should not be discouraged from sitting in a high spot at times. She feels safe up there! To make you both happier, try hanging a playgym where you bird can watch the world to her little birdie heart’s content.

For more on cockatiel quirks, check out “Why Do Cockatiels Do That?” from Bowtie Press, Inc.

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