Why Can’t People Be More Like Dogs?

A new pet store opened by my house last weekend and I went to the grand opening. The store opened at nine, but the lure of free gift cards for the first 50 customers meant that there was a crowd gathering an hour ahead of time.

When I arrived, there were already about eight people in line and several had their dogs with them. I met a wonderful Weimaraner named Marshall, a cute Dachshund, and a Chihuahua in a sweater. As we waited in line, the dogs were very well-behaved. As a new dog and pet parent joined the queue, the dogs greeted each other. I was impressed by the positive temperament in all the dogs. 

Their pet parents were also in good spirits. We passed the time exchanging stories about our pets and enjoyed interacting with all kinds of dogs from the small Poodle to the huge Mastiff.

Marshall was a particularly good ambassador. He touched noses with all sorts of dogs. There wasn’t a single growl or bark between them. Unfortunately, I got tangled up in Marshall’s leash as he welcomed a little white dog and we all had to dodge the drool strings of the Mastiff.

Once in the store, the dogs continued their good behavior. Cat adoptions were taking place and several of the dogs were checking out the kitties, but quietly, so the cats were not fazed by the attention. The dogs were happy to be with their pet parents on an adventure to the pet store. The lure of free dog toys and Frisbees probably didn’t hurt.

People could take a lesson from these dogs. They were strangers, but were happy to meet each other, share smells, and then go on their way. Imagine how great life would be if humans were like this when we go out in public! The world would be a better place.

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