Why Are Ferrets Great?

The reasons are many and the stories are heartwarming as ferret owners praise their pets.

Ferret owners weigh in on what makes their ferrets greatWe don’t know exactly when ferrets became domesticated and cherished by mankind, but as early as the 4th century B.C., ancient Romans raised ferrets as working animals and later as pets. I have no doubt in my mind that one sunny day while breaking bread in center square, an older Roman looked at his dog and then over to his companion’s ferret, then asked, “What makes ferrets great?”

The younger, ferret-toting fellow answered, “The great Aristophanes, Aristotle and Pliny consider ferrets ‘great enough’ to write them into their plays.” The conversation would eventually deepen with the more personal question, “What makes your ferret so great”?

Asking a ferret owner what makes their ferret great is not a wise thing to do, unless you have an inexhaustible amount of time and patience. This is because the ferret owner’s love for ferrets and their ferret in particular is, well … great.

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