Why A Backflipping Hamster Is Not Funny

Although this video shows a hamster doing repeated backflips and onlookers are laughing, something serious is going on.

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The hamster is about to flip backward. This video seems to have been recorded at a store.

So, OK. This video has a split personality. On the face of it, it seems like a funny scene showing a dwarf hamster doing repeated backflips. It seems like the hamster has really amazing athletic skills. It’s unexpected and looks a bit crazy, which initially brings laughter from people who first see it. I agree that the hamster is amazing, but not for the reason you may think.

Backflips by hamsters are actually a sign of a medical problem. It is sometimes called “stargazing.” According to the California Hamster Association, backflipping is a genetic disorder that runs in family lines. The backflipping is involuntary and, in extreme cases, occurs during all waking hours.

Whether or not the backflipping is caused by genetics or some other disorder, it is not a normal behavior.

I think this little hamster is amazing because he still seems relatively healthy. Perhaps the backflipping just started. The little hamster has a difficult road ahead though. Involuntary backflipping can’t be a fun thing. He keeps jumping into the food dish. I wonder if he’s hungry and trying to eat, but he keeps backflipping instead. Imagine if you sat down to eat and kept doing a backflip instead. I hope this hamster doesn’t have an extreme case. Wishing you the best, little hamster!

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