Who’s The Cutest Puppy Of Them All?

We wanted puppies, and we got puppies! We received hundreds of submissions of canine cutie-pies and narrowed it down to the following winners who we thought captured the essence of puppyhood. Enjoy!

And the WINNERS are…


First Place

First Place - Miniature Schnauzer

Name: Rebel
Age: 5 months
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Owner: Denise Martin
Location: Houston


Rebel lives up to her name. Purchased as a companion for our 11-year-old Schnauzer, she has many personas. Curious, timid, rambunctious, quiet, intelligent, innocent, domineering, eager, and always in trouble describe this adorable ball of fur. It is hard to be firm while gazing into that cute little face.

Second Place

Second Place - Rottweiler

Name: Cosmo
Age: 12 weeks
Breed: Rottweiler

Owner: Gary and Deborah Lenzi
Location: Cedarbrook, N.J.

Cosmo had a great time playing in his first snowfall. As soon as you come into the house, he runs up to you, sits right in front of you, and looks up with the cutest little face. He’s always happy to see you.


Third Place

Third Place - Bulldog

Name: Pack’s Baby Blue x 2
Age: 4 months
Breed: Bulldog

Owner: Nancy Pack
Location: Corbin, Ky.

Blue is my special baby. I have had to perform CPR on him twice – that’s how he got his name. What makes him so cute is all the red speckles and his wrinkles. Everyone smiles when they hear that a red and white pup is named Blue.

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