Who Will Care For My Pet Birds?

Plan ahead to ensure your pet parrot will have someone to care for them in the chance that you no longer can.

 It is best to have a primary plan and one or two options for your pet bird (in case the first one cannot be fulfilled) regarding its life in light of your incapacitation/death. Canvass younger family members and friends, especially those who show a true interest in your birds and who care well for their own pets. Make sure their own pets or human family members won’t frighten or potentially harm your pet birds. The potential adopters should know your plans and be eager to take your birds into their homes. Invite these people over often enough for your birds to learn  become comfortable with them.

For those who do not know anyone who can happily adopt their pet birds, there are several organizations that can assist in the process. Research these venues carefully to find one with a good reputation and history. Some organizations seek adoptive homes for pet birds, while others keep them for the rest of their natural lives. Decide what is important for your pet bird, and take measures to provide that upon your death or incapacitation.

Make sure your wishes are known in a legal document. Establish a fund, or allot monies from your estate providing for the financial care of your pet birds. It takes a lot of money to keep birds healthy and well cared for, and it’s not fair for the people who do this difficult task to have to search for funds. Also, regularly contribute to the chosen facility to help it continue its work.
Suggest, as well, that contributions be made to the organization in your name for any situation in which you might receive a gift, even from your own funeral.

There is no greater legacy you can give a pet bird than to provide for its safety, care and comfort when you die or are incapacitated. Ensuring that your pet bird is well-behaved and well-adjusted and then finding the best adoptive environment for it is the most loving thing you can do.

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