Who Will Be the Next Dog ‘Animal Idol?’

New Jersey dog shelter spoofs popular TV show for its annual fundraiser.

Courtesy of St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center.Clearly, St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center idolizes dogs.

Animal Idol, a spoof of the hit TV show, was the centerpiece of this weeks Canine Cotillion, an annual black-tie fundraiser that provides thousands of dollars for the Madison, N.J., shelter.

Guest dogs strutted in the Animal Idol procession before a trio of judges. Simon Grrrowl, Pawla Abdrool and Houndy Dawg Packson provided decidedly more pleasing commentary than their TV counterparts.

The star-studded event kicked off with the introduction of Hamlet, a Pug and former St. Huberts rescue, as the nights honorary canine co-host. Since being adopted, Hamlet has forged a successful career as an animal actor, most recently appearing alongside Cameron Diaz in In Her Shoes.

This years live auction gave guests the opportunity to bid on acting spots for their dogs. Two winners received cameo roles in a TV show or commercial, courtesy of Animal Actors International, a talent agency that places animals in film and TV roles.

St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center provides food, shelter and care for nearly 4,500 animals annually.

Posted: April 8, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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