Who Needs a Traffic Sign When You Can Have a Giant Cat Telling You to Slow Down?

The ‘Slow Down Cat’ is located in the Northern California town of Sebastopol.

Oftentimes we’re stuck behind someone traveling 25 miles per hour on the freeway or cautiously avoid the person going 50 miles per hour on a residential street. Chances are the driver speeding in our neighborhood is the much more distressing of the two scenarios, especially if we have children or pets that go outside with us. But how can the issue be solved?

For Sebastopol, a town in Northern California, the answer was a giant cat. (Aren’t cats always the answer?)

When local sculptor Patrick Amiot asked Sebastopol Police Chief Weaver what his biggest pet peeve was, he said it was how fast drivers were going in the town, City Lab reports.

“The number one complaint I get as chief is about speeding,” Weaver told Sonoma West, “…Patrick’s concept is a very mobile, very visible and community connected. This signal will be different from the ones we already use; it will be welcoming. I can see where people will call me and I can ask them which tools they want me to use — it takes the edge off of enforcement perception. I was so pleased that Patrick saw the need to help enhance pedestrian and traffic safety and did so in a way to enhance the connectivity between the community and the police department. We’ve already received many, many requests for the Slow Down Sebastopol Cat.”

Yes, the Slow Down Cat certainly would get drivers to give pause. After all, it’s an orange tabby that stands 12 feet tall and rides around on a Caltrans trailer. Who wouldn’t slow down to see it?

What do you think of Slow Down Cat? Would something like this be effective in your town?


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