‘Who Dat Cat’ Causes Excitement During Thursday Night Football

A unique fan of the furry kind caused Saints fans to purr with delight.

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Who Dat Cat? Social media was asking the same on Thursday when a feline fan attended an NFL game. Via Julie Couret/Twitter

During Thursday night’s NFL football game in New Orleans, Who Dat Nation became “Who’s Cat?” Nation when one furry little feline became the star of the night.

WDSU NewsChannel 6 reports that a cat — who is believed to be a service animal — made her way into Mercedes-Benz Superdom via her owner. Neighboring fans reportedly told stadium officials that the cat’s owner flew in for the game and came directly to the stadium with his pet.

The appropriately black-and-gold colored kitty stole the spotlight from the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcon players when fans in Section 624 quickly took out their phones to capture photos of the bundle of cuteness to then, of course, share on the social media-sphere.

And, not surprisingly, they immediately began trending with #SaintsCat and #WhoCat among two of the hashtags.

“OMG. It’s a real cat,” Julie Couret posted to Twitter.

Sitting partially inside a pink floral bag, the cat seemed unaware of her instant fame. One Tweet — from @MrsHullabaloo — claims the cat’s name is Zooey.

With fans and social media aflutter, Jason Saul, the digital director of New Orleans’ public radio station, WWNO, rushed to Section 624, but came up empty.

“Ran all the way to Section 624 but the cat is gone,” Saul said on Twitter, blaming the disappearance on the uproar caused by the Nation. “Folks in the section say it’s a service animal … cat was freaked.”

So what happened to the mystery feline fan?


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