White Knights

Majestic Great Pyrenees guard family and flock with legendary devotion.


Late one night, Janet I. and her two Great Pyrenees, Maggie and Molly, were out walking on a private lake road near her Virginia home.

“Two men in a car pulled up beside us and then into my driveway, shouting questions about the dogs,” says Janet, a breeder and volunteer for the Great Pyrenees Club of America.

“The Pyrs knew this was trouble. They strained at their leashes toward the men, barking the whole time.”

Janet says what happened next shows the Great Pyrenees’ true merit as a guardian dog. “The car door started to open, and I said, ‘Don’t get out of that car,’ but one man got out anyway,” she says.

“Suddenly Maggie’s leash went limp. She’d backed out of her collar. She jumped up on the man, pushed him back over the car trunk, and pinned him there.”

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