White House Releases Official First Dog Photo

An accompanying baseball card lists Bo’s favorite food and his goal as first dog.

Move over Fala and Checkers – Bo the first dog finally has his own official White House photograph.

Released over the weekend, the photo shows the Portuguese Water Dog sitting on the South Lawn of the White House, the building’s stone façade looming in the background. Bo stares obediently at someone standing behind the photographer, his tongue hanging out.

An accompanying baseball card lists Bo’s “stats,” including his birthplace (Texas), his favorite activity (running) and his goal as first dog (to make friends with foreign “dognitaries”). The card also lists Bo’s favorite food as tomatoes, though the White House now says that was a joke since tomatoes can be toxic to dogs.

President Obama told CBS News’ Harry Smith during a Father’s Day interview that the dog, a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy, is doing well – considering his age.

“Bo’s a teenager. He’s a puppy still,” Obama said. “And he, every once in a while, does get a little frisky. But I would not want just a passive dog. I want a dog with a little bit of spirit. And he definitely has some spirit.”

To read more about the Obamas’ new dog, click here.

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