Whispering Dog Has Totally Mastered His ‘Indoor Voice’

Brody the dog has a powerful bark, but he certainly knows when to dial it down.

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"Lower my voice? Sure, no prob."
Chrissa Hardy

For the most part, human beings can easily pick up on social cues and understand verbal instructions. And despite being generally brilliant creatures, dogs have a tougher time with this.

Well, except for Brody. In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by user Holly Stephens, a dog named Brody barks loudly, and then quietly. He is told to speak, and he does, and then he is told to whisper, AND HE DOES. He controls the volume of his bark by bringing way down, to an almost silent little exhale of breath.

He has three separate reactions in the short video, and Brody’s vocal range, paired with his comprehension of the English language, is really quite amazing.

First he’s loud.

Here's my BARK. Via YouTube

Here’s my BARK. Via YouTube

Then he brings it down.

Getting quieter. Via YouTube

Getting quieter. Via YouTube

Finally, he shows off his stellar indoor voice.

Psst... here's my whisper.  Via YouTube

Psst… here’s my whisper. Via YouTube

His owner deserves as much props as Brody does, because it could not have been easy giving a command to a dog in a quiet voice and have the dog even remotely understand what it means.

Is he practicing his quiet voice for a trip to the library? Perhaps. And we have a feeling if he was let inside, we’d catch him curled up and reading a good book, because he’s THAT smart.

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