Which Pup is Cuter: The Dog Who Says ‘Mama’ or the Dog Who Can’t Howl?

These two dogs are so adorable we just can’t decide which one is cuter.

We need your help in deciding which dog is the cutest. On one hand we have the dog whose human companion is a baby who just can’t quite say “mama,” no matter how hard his mother tries to get him to do it. She even tries to bribe the baby with a bite of food if he can say it. The ever-helpful dog (or perhaps a dog who really wants a bite of human food) says “mama” for the child. Laughter ensues from everyone except the baby, who seems a little perturbed that the dog could say the word and he couldn’t. Regardless, we hope the dog got some sort of treat for speaking out. Check out cute canine contestant #1:

Totally adorable, right? While on one hand we have the “mama”-speaking dog, on the other hand we have the fluffy white puppy who tries desperately to howl and can’t quite do it. Caleb is attempting to imitate the siren he hears, but instead sounds more like he has a cold or just woke up very early in the morning. Watch cute canine contestant #2:

Both are so cute, we can’t decide. What do you think? Which dog would you vote for as the cutest of these two – contestant #1 (mama) or contestant #2 (howl)? Is it a tie?

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