Which Hamster Butt Do You Prefer?

That’s the burning question of a recent poll, and I found I couldn’t resist voting.

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This is a "standard" hamster butt. Via mocomo2co2/Twitter

A poll about hamster butts? What is the world coming to? When I spied this article from Rocket News 24 about hamster butt varieties, I thought it would discuss the butts of different species of hamsters. Given that there are five hamster species common in the pet trade, I was a little perplexed about there only being three mentioned.

At this point you might be wondering why I even wanted to read about the butts of various hamster species. It’s because hamster butts are a thing. We covered the phenomenon in 2014. Books have been devoted to it!

Anyway, upon reading the article I found that it was actually a poll regarding the appearance of a hamster’s butt — any hamster’s butt. Hamsters burrow, and depending on what they burrow into, their butt can take on any of three shapes, according to the article, those being: standard, flat and wide. What craziness is this?! Then I looked at the example photos, provided by Twitter user @mocomo2co2. They appear to all be from the same dwarf hamster. Surprisingly, I found that I did have a preference, so I voted. What’s a little craziness among hamster enthusiasts?

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