Where to Begin in Adopting a Cat

Discuss lifestyle and other factors when considering a cat.

Q: I want to adopt a cat, but don’t know where to start. Where should I begin?

A: You should begin by visiting the different animal shelters in your area. Discuss with the staff your lifestyle so they can help you make the right match. You should be open to all ages and breeds so you can find the perfect companion. Keep in mind every cat will have a different personality like people do. Older cats will be more laid back and they tend to be lap cats where as kittens are active and need more attention. You may want to consider two cats if you have a busy work schedule or a hectic lifestyle. The two cats will keep each other company while you are away from home. I highly recommend adopting two feline friends. You will save two lives from a shelter and receive double the love in return! Keep in mind with two cats it will double the cost of food, litter, and vet visits.

Interact with as many cats as possible at the shelter. You should handle, hold and play with the cats to see how they react to you. Do not quickly rule out a cat that is shy and timid. Cats have a hard time adjusting to a cage and just need to be given a little extra patience and love.

Do not feel disappointed if you don’t make a match the first time. It might take a few visits before you find your new feline companion.


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