When You’re Adele And You Can Go Anywhere You Go To A Cat Café

Adele says Hello from the cat café when she visits Vancouver’s Catfe.

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Adele only has eyes for Larry from Catfe. Via Catfe/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

If we went on a world tour, it would be ONLY of cat cafés. But that’s just us. When people who go on world tours for other things — where tens of thousands of people are waiting to see them — and they take side trips to cat cafés, it’s pretty cool.

That’s what Canadian press thought of Adele after she visited Catfe in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Tuesday ahead of her performances in town the following two nights. Several news outlets reported on the drop-in of the two-time Billboard Artist of the Year winning, 100-million-record-selling singer-songwriter.

Reporters were tipped off by a tweet that announced the visit. According to Twitter, Adele bonded with a tabby named Larry while she spent the evening among the residents of the relatively new establishment.

“Delighted by a visit from the ameowzing @Adele this eve, who was starstruck by our guy Larry & became an instant fan,” read the café’s tweet. Larry later shows no signs of being starstruck as he lounges nonchalantly with a fellow café resident in a follow-up post.

Adele might have felt more from the exchange as she actually gave Catfe a shout-out during her performance at the Rogers Arena. The Vancouver Sun reports that she addressed the crowd in the nearly 20,000-person capacity venue and talked about visiting the Catfe and meeting Larry the cat.

It sounds like someone clearly has a lot of star power. Larry: Please come visit us on your world tour.

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