When To Get A Second Ferret

Do you need to get ferrets around the same time in order for them to bond?

Q: I bought a ferret about two weeks ago. It is a 4-month-old male. I was told that if I want another one, I should get it soon. Is this true? I would like another male, but he had a littermate at the store about the same age that was female. Should I get her, or is it OK to get another male if I get it soon?
A: I have introduced ferrets to one another at a variety of times and while it can often go smoother the younger they are, that is no reason to rush into getting another ferret.

When you are ready, I recommend that you introduce a new ferret that is about the same age as your current ferret and preferably one that has experience with other ferrets. Gender is up to you.

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