When Puppy Chews His Girlfriend’s Shoes, Guy Turns Them So Metal

If life hands you lemons, make your girlfriend’s mauled fancy heels into sleekly armored shoes.

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Before (tears and obliviousness) and after (epically armored foot game). Via othiencosplay/Imgur
Anastasia Thrift

Thanks to a puppy being a puppy, one woman has a pair of shoes that look like @#$*ing awesome armored footwear. There are none more metal than these.

Alan Padziński came to the rescue of his girlfriend, Jagoda, after their puppy chewed up her expensive shoes and Padziński patched them with custom, metal-sheathed heels, Buzzfeed reports. The couple and their dog, Caliph, live in Przemyśl, Poland, where all is well after the heartbreaking moment a couple of weeks ago.

"Did I do thaaaat?"  Via othiencosplay/Imgur

“Did I do thaaaat?” Via othiencosplay/Imgur

Padziński told Buzzfeed he heard shrieks when Jagoda first found her pricy shoes. Two-year-old Caliph had gotten into an open closet and vigorously gnawed the stilettos until the leather around the back came off and the heel was on the brink of breaking.

Fortunately, Padziński was familiar in the dark art of metal… -working. He whipped up a design for the shoe and crafted something that turned the gray leather heel into an armored piece of sleek footwear.

Now these shoes look invincible. But don’t tempt the puppy again. There’s power in those adorable yet ferocious chompers.

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