When Ferrets And Beards Collide

So, this was something completely new to me in the world of ferrets – ferret beards.

File this in the Now-I’ve-Seen-Everything section. Schick New Zealand launched an ad campaign in late April that features men with “feral” beards. Think you’ve seen an out-of-control beard? Not like these! Of course, these are artist renderings and not actually real, but they certainly make an impact.

Exactly what the animals are seems to be up for debate, as some news articles suggest they are stoats or ferrets while others suggest possums or something else. You be the judge. I think the dark brown one has a definite ferret look to it. The campaign, named Free Your Skin, encourages men to tame their feral beard by, of course, using a Schick razor.

The spark for this feral beard campaign might have been because Australia has a problem with feral ferrets and the animals are outlawed as pets in New Zealand and some parts of Australia. Please note that ferrets only went feral in Australia because the government released them into the wild by the thousands for many years in an effort to control feral rabbits.

Looking into the whole “ferret beard” phenomenon uncovered photos of people who pose with a ferret beneath their chin to create the illusion of them sporting a ferret beard. An activity even women can participate in, should they wish. People also do this with cats, dogs and other animals. No, really. This particular compilation of cat beards actually had a ferret beard sneak into the mix.

Ferrets, beards — who knew the two would ever come together in any way, let alone two different ways. What’s your take? Have you ever taken a ferret beard photo using your ferret carefully positioned? And men, have you ever sported a ferretlike beard?

Meanwhile, what might ferrets think of all this fuss over beards? My guess is that they would chalk it up to follicle envy.

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