When Are Children Ready For Ferret Ownership

What responsibilities must a child consider in order to convince parents to allow a pet ferret in the house?

Q: How can I convince my mom and dad to let me get a ferret? I want one so bad! They are so cute!
A: Ferrets are certainly cute, but they are not easy pets. A ferret’s cage needs daily cleaning, and not all ferrets are great at using the litter box. Poop often misses the box and adheres to the side of the cage. Urine can often spray over the edge of the litter box. Even if a ferret uses the litter box in the cage, there is not guarantee it will use it while out of the cage.

Ferrets need hours a day out of their cage to play and interact with you. Ferrets are also able to get into tiny spaces and cause a lot of trouble. Additionally, they are expensive both in daily upkeep (ferret-specific food) and in vet bills. You need an experienced ferret-savvy veterinarian, and exotic vets tend to be more expensive than dog/cat vets.

Finally, most colleges do not allow ferrets as pets, so if you will be moving away in the next six years, you will have to make plans for someone to take care of your ferret.

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