What’s The Best Rabbit For Me?

Spend time with the rabbit, and let the rabbit pick you.

Q: Do you know what rabbit breed would be best for a 4-H bunny — Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf or Dwarf Hotot?

A: It’s a big commitment to take a rabbit into your home. It is something that you really need to do some research about to make sure you can care for the rabbit properly for the rest of its life. Its a good idea to meet lots of rabbits so you can get to know rabbits and their personalities.

Here at the Burrow, we have all kinds of rabbits, all different sizes, colors and breeds. We find it best if people interested in getting a rabbit come in and spend time with several of the rabbits to get to know them.

Even within certain breeds, rabbits have different personalities. Some can be outgoing, and some can be shy. Some rabbits like to be held and some are scared to death of being held and prefer to spend time with their humans while on the ground.

A common myth is that you have to get a rabbit as a baby for it to bond with or be friendly. This isn’t true. Rabbits of all ages can bond to their human once they settle in and realize they are in a safe home and have a caring person taking care of them.

Of course, before you take a rabbit into your home, have every thing set up for it, such as an exercise pen, a litter box, hidey house and lots of chew toys. Your rabbit will need a good-quality pellet and lots of hay. Once you bring a rabbit home, your rabbit will need to give it time to settle in. This can take anywhere from days to around a month.

Also, make sure you have rabbit-proofed your home or the room he will be living in. Remove any poisonous plants, make sure all electric and phone cords are either unreachable or covered with cord covers so the rabbit can’t chew them. Remember, rabbit’s teeth continually grow, and they will chew on just about anything if they feel like it.

My advice as far as what kind of rabbit would be best is to take your time, meet lots of rabbits and let a rabbit pick you.

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