What’s Smaller And More Endearing Than A Tiny Hamster? A Tiny Hamster Cast

Small animals sometimes experience injuries, too, only in their cases their injuries can be ridiculously cute and also oddly life-affirming.

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We have never wanted to learn Russian more than we have recently. That’s because we want to learn all about the story behind this incredibly adorable hamster that has brought hope to our hearts. And no we are not being overly dramatic. LOOK AT THIS FACE.

A veterinary office in Petrozavodsk, Russia, posted a picture of a hamster in a cast recently that will melt the coldest of hearts. After a user put it up on Reddit, people further covered the post with comments and now the photo has been viewed almost a million times according to some estimates.

The picture, originally posted on the Veterinary Center, Petrozavodsk, Facebook page, shows a woman’s hands gently grasping a little gray hamster with her fingers, as the injured fluffball looks at the camera. Sticking straight out of his right side is his little wounded leg, wrapped completely in gauze with only his tiny toes showing.

“Doctor Maria Firsova splint hamster limp. Now it looks like this :)” the caption reads, according to Google Translate.

Courage comes in all sizes.  Via  Veterinary Center, Petrozavodsk/Facebook

Courage comes in all sizes. Via Veterinary Center, Petrozavodsk/Facebook

A follow-up on the vet’s office page says the hamster is doing well — eating, sleeping, restoring faith in the world. Apparently he’d sprained his foot on his exercise wheel, so in addition to being a beacon of hope he’s also super fit and healthy.

This original post, and the Reddit upload, received tons of comments. It seems like everyone feels for the little fella. While we wish we could know more about this gray guy, looking at his brave furry face in the midst of pain somehow gives us a lot to go on. Stay strong, hams.

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