What’s in the Fish News?

Here are a couple of fish news items that caught my eye today.

We have more bad news regarding the Great Lakes. I’ve been reading about American eels and their threatened status in the wild.

The article I read was titled “American Eel Said to be Caught in Perfect Storm of Extinction.”

Basically, according to the article the American eel is all but done for. It’s under environmental pressure, loss of habitat, and faces competition with non-natives as well as problems with pollution.

I recently wrote about problems with Asian carp making their way up the Mississippi river and into the lock systems of Chicago, potentially allowing the carp to enter the Great Lakes (see my blog titled, “Species Conservation News.”)

It seems like the Great Lakes are facing lots of environmental threats. Hopefully, some workable solutions will be found before species are lost and irreparable damage is done to the environment.

Carbon Cycles
Scientists have recently discovered the method by which cyanobacteria in the ocean fix carbon, according to another news item I read.

This is significant because of the ongoing problems facing coral reefs and the relationship between carbon and climate change.

I’ve written about the oceans, carbon dioxide, climate change and related topics on several occasions. Check my blog archives for those topics.

Two implications arise from this new information: scientists may be able to use this information to help turn specialized bacteria into liquid fuel, and we may also see developments in the field of geoengineering, where this information may help scientists produce plans to alter the environment in an effort to mitigate climate change.

These news items certainly aren’t Earth-shattering, but they’re very interesting in light of my past blog entries. Leave a comment if you have anything to add regarding either news item or the general topics of conservation and aquarium keeping.

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