Kitten Gets Debugged! Huge Insect Pulled From Nose

The pain of this poor kitty is matched only by the relief of being rid of it.

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Don't worry, kitty, it will be over soon. Via Nebraska Humane Society/Facebook

Warning: Watch the below video only if you are prepared to wince. A video going viral on Facebook shows a kitten whose little nose was occupied by a bug nearly the size of a AA battery. And apparently it’s common enough a problem to happen twice in one week.

A tiny tortoiseshell kitten helped out by the Nebraska Humane Society had a massive bug inside the nasal cavity, and NHS posted a video of the procedure to remove it on its Facebook page Tuesday. This is, apparently, Cuterebra larvae season, and the growth of this “bug fly” larvae inside noses isn’t that uncommon.

Cuterebra Season at NHSNOTE: This video may be too graphic for some– viewer discretion is advised.

It’s cuterebra season here at NHS and last week we had a little dilute tortie/white kitten come in with one of these perpetrators in an unusual place. Watch as our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Farrington, works to extract the cuterebra!

To find out more information about cuterebra and the kitten please visit our website:

P.S. That’s a whiny puppy in the background, the kitten was a champ!

Posted by Nebraska Humane Society on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The little kitten in the first video was clearly in distress. Notice the massive swelling in the left nostril. When the shelter’s staff vet steps in, however, the tortie is granted sweet, sweet relief. WHEW.

If that emotional roller coaster wasn’t enough for you, turn to the next video that came out only yesterday of the SAME THING happening to another kitten. NHS put up a page on exactly what is befalling these tiny cuties.

Second cuterebra removedWe’re seeing double! Led by Dr. Burbach, the medical team at NHS removed another cuterebra from a kitten’s nose today. This kitty will be just fine. Learn more about cuterebras here:

Note: This video may too graphic for some – viewer discretion advised.

Posted by Nebraska Humane Society on Thursday, July 21, 2016

For more on Cuterebra larvae and how to avoid them, visit NHS.

For less on Cuterebra larvae, watch this skateboarding cat instead.

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