What Will Make An Older Ferret And Younger Ferret Friends?

What’s the best way to help an older ferret and younger ferret become friends?

Q: I have 3-year-old ferret, and I bought a 3-month-old ferret two days ago. My oldest ferret is very upset and starting to bite the new ferret. I am always with them and protect the little one. The oldest just tried to bite the little one’s ear; it wasn’t serious, but I am afraid to keep them together. They are in separate cages. What can I do to help them play like friends together?

A: Let the ferrets interact as much as possible; do not keep them in separate cages. Biting on the neck and ears is very common behavior when ferrets meet each other and is not usually serious.

If the little ferret screams or seems stressed by the interaction, give both ferrets a time out and let them try again. This behavior often resolves itself in a short time.

Supervise the ferrets’ interaction until the situation is resolved.

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