What to Feed a Pit Bull

Learn about the different types of dog food you can feed your Pit Bull and how to determine the right amount of dog food your Pit Bull should eat.

Dry dog food — the least expensive commercially available dog food (about $120 to $500 per year for the average adult American Pit Bull Terrier) — is bulky and filling. The crunchiness of unmoistened dry dog food helps keep your Pit Bull’s teeth healthy by reducing plaque accumulation and massaging the gums.

Wet dog food — available in cans or foil pouches — is more expensive than dry dog food (about $340 to $1,610 per year). A palatable source of concentrated nutrition, wet dog food makes a good supplement for underweight Pit Bulls or those recovering from illness. Some Pit Bull owners add a little wet dog food to dry dog food to increase its appeal. Wet dog food also can be used to make nutritious, tasty treats for your Pit Bull.

Frozen dog food has advantages similar to those of wet dog foods. Frozen dog food, which is available in cooked and raw forms, is usually more expensive than wet dog food ($1,710 to $3,100 per year).

The amount of food your Pit Bull needs depends on a number of factors, such as age, activity level, food quality, reproductive status and size. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a nutritionist to figure out how much to feed your Pit Bull. Simply start with the manufacturer’s recommended amount of dog food, then adjust it according to your Pit Bull’s response. For example, if you feed your Pit Bull the recommended amount of dog food for a few weeks and your APBT loses weight, increase the amount by 10 to 20 percent. If your Pit Bull gains weight, decrease the amount. It won’t take long to determine the amount of food that keeps your Pit Bull slim and trim.

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