What Should You Know About African Grey Parrots?

Owners of these gray parrots give their advice.

African grey parrot
We asked African grey parrot owners on the
BirdChannel Facebook, “What is one thing you think everyone should know about African greys??Here? what they had to say:

“Being neurotic is not overrated in the grey. They are very cautious birds and need more ‘protection’ than other birds so they are not constantly terrified and under stress.?lt;/span>

?Cyndi Wheeler

“My grey is, thankfully, an exception to that rule. She is very outgoing, will run right to a new toy as soon as it’s spotted, wants to taste and climb all over everything. However, if her line of sight is cut off and she can’t see what’s around her (like being put in a carrier), the feather[s] start being pulled out.?lt;/span>

?Stephanie Skarsg?

“One of mine is 22 years old now and very bossy. But she recently started pulling a few feathers. Test showed that he is calcium deficient even though I was aware that greys have a high need for calcium.?lt;/span>

?Heidi Wilmsmeier MacAdams

“Always stay very alert around them. Especially when getting close. They go from calm to attack in 1 second. They also LOVE to be cuddled like a baby. ( most do ).?lt;/span>

?Kimberly Parello

“There is MUCH more to them than what appears on the surface. They are true observers by nature, taking in everything around them before making decisions. And although seemingly “quiet,” they are extremely empathetic to the emotions of their ?eople.?

?Cathy Atchley Coleman

“They aren’t for people who just want an ?mpressive pet who talks well.?

?Maggie Stafford

“Not all greys will talk. Some greys will make sci-fi laser noises. Not all greys want to be picked up and cuddled. Some greys prefer to be with you by just being near you.?lt;/span>

?Jenny Giroux-Cooper

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“They talk. A lot. It’s like having a toddler around. You have to give them lots of attention so they don’t get in trouble. But the rewards are so worth it. Our boy is so fun.?

?Tracy Risley

“Everyone that shares their life with an African grey needs to be very consistent with making sure their calcium levels are at the correct levels.?lt;/span>

?Deborah Denee

What do you think people should know about African greys?

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