What It’s All About

Critter owners share their stories about their pet.

What It's All AboutChubbster Morrison
By Nancy Morrison
If someone had told me that I would have a pet guinea pig, I would have told them they were crazy! But in February 1998, Chubbster came into my life and changed me forever. 

By Janice Stahl
Latke is the love of my life. She is a Chinese dwarf hamster that was a Hanukkah present for my 87-year-old mother, who had dementia and lived with me full time. Mom was always an animal lover, and every house we lived in growing up was always pet-friendly.

Miss Ruby Rat
By Sara Fenwick
Life seemed complete with two dogs, two birds, eight snakes and a pond of koi. One summer day, however, the local humane society closed its doors. A television plea went out to the public, new homes were desperately needed for the remaining animals. This request took me to the shelter where I made my choice, a cute little rat.

For the full article with all three stories, pick up the 2011 issue of Critters USA or click here to buy the issue.

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