What Is Bird Adoption?

Have you considering adopting a pet bird? Find out why you might consider adopting a parrot.

To adopt means to take something on or to take a child or animal into your home and raise it as your own. When someone adopts a child, it means that they are the legal parent of that child, just the same as if it were their biological child.

Many people adopt dogs and cats through their local humane society or another local animal rescue, but not everybody thinks of adopting a pet bird. Bird rescues often have lots of pet birds that were surrendered by their former owners and are in need of new families.

Unfortunately, as pet birds become more and more popular as pets, combined with the fact that some pet birds species can live more than 40 years, means the number of surrendered pet birds may rise.

There are pros and cons to adopting a pet bird versus buying one from a breeder or a pet store. Adoptable birds are usually older pet birds, and set in their ways. They might require a lot of structured attention and care to help them overcome behavior issues. Sometimes rescue birds have developed bad habits, such as bitingexcessive screaming or feather-picking, which the new owner also will need to work with. However, most adoptable pet birds are very sweet, well-adjusted birds, capable of forming strong bonds with the people who adopt them.

To learn more about adopting a pet bird, check out Petfinder to find a parrot adoption center near you.


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