What Is a Cat Behaviorist?

Learn how cat behavior experts help to train cats (and sometimes owners) from CatChannel and CAT FANCY cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger, CCBC.

Q: I have enjoyed reading your columns on CatChannel.com and in Cat Fancy for years. I am curious about what you do. Are you a cat behaviorist or a writer? Do you solve people’s cat behavior problems, if so how?

A: Thank you! I am a certified cat behavior consultant who also writes. One of my goals is to prevent people from surrendering cats to shelters because of fixable cat behavior problems. I do this by offering on-site, phone and Skype consultations and through writing.

I help resolve unwanted cat behaviors through force-free methods that include behavior modification, environmental management and education. Consultations usually are 90 minutes to two hours in length and include written recommendations and one month of follow-ups. Check out my company website The Cat Coach, LLC for more details. Please note that because changes in behavior may be due to a serious medical issue, it is important to have cats examined by veterinarians before approaching problems as behavioral.

In addition to doing consultations, I write. I have authored “Naughty No More!” published by BowTie Press. Naughty No More! focuses on changing cat behaviors through clicker training and other positive reinforcement methods. I also write articles and columns on cat behavior. I also enjoy answering reader questions in my CatChannel.com and CAT FANCY magazine columns.

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