What I Love About My Dog

We got many entries of several adorable dogs! The photos that were submitted got posted into a photo gallery where users got the chance to vote on which dog they liked best.  The people have spoken and here are the results!  Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winner!

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner - Sonny and Star

Name: Sonny and Star
Age: 7
Breed: Bichon Frise



Sonny and Star continue to be bursting with puppy energy at the age of seven. Each night, I get the ROYAL Greeting. They greet me at the door with great excitement along with their mom and dad.  Each one brings me their favorite toy, gives me a kiss, runs through the rooms then back to me for hugs.

Runner Ups

Runner Up - Bandit

Name: Bandit
Age: 9
Breed: Australian Shepherd

 Bandit is the ray of sunshine of my everyday. We enjoy walks, agility, swimming and visiting the nursing home together. He goes everywhere possible with me! Bandit is very loving, intelegent and just a joy to be around. He greets me with wonderful kisses every morning when I come home from work. He’s always happy to pose infront of my camera. He’s my pride and joy!


Runner Up - Ohana

Name: Ohana
Age: 2
Breed: Mixed Breed

There are many special things about Ohana. One of his best characteristics is his belief that he is a human.  He insists on sleeping under the covers with his head on the pillow, or greeting me when I come home with a big howling hello at the door. He can also tell when I am upset and he is ready to comfort me with a hug or a sloppy dog kiss. Ohana is also a genius; quickly learning new tricks like taking a sweeping bow or giving bear hugs. He is the perfect dog and truly irreplaceable!

Runner Up - DixieName: Dixie
Age: 3
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier



Dixie loves to cuddle and has a need to be around people. She has been to nursing homes to spend time with residents there. Both Dixie and the residents love it.




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