What Happens When Cat Haters are Introduced to Kittens

Sometimes you just have to get face to face with your enemy and try to make amends.

We’ve all heard the excuses. “Cats are mean.” “They don’t like me, so I don’t like them.” “Cats will just scratch the hell out of you at any second.” Those are the people that do their best to stay away from all cats… and if they happen to be at a cat lover’s home, these are also the people the cats are most likely to gravitate to.

But what would happen if a cat hater had to be in a room with kittens? Would the adorableness win them over? Would they feel the same as they always did about cats? BuzzFeed sought to find out and put a group of people who disliked cats in a room one at a time with a box of kittens. The results? We won’t spoil it for you! Watch the video to find out what happens and then let us know what you think.


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