What do the Points Mean?

Part of the fun in exhibiting is acquiring points for your birds. Points acquired by your bird will help your bird achieve Champion or Grand Champion status as well as earn yourself one of the top three Exhibitor-of-the-Year awards. In order for your bird to earn points, it needs to be banded with a closed band. Bands are usually put on the lovebird around 8 to 14 days depending on the species of lovebird. Bands can be ordered from The African Love Bird Society (ALBS) or your local bird club. If your band was not ordered through ALBS, then it needs to be registered with the Points Registrar so that the points for your bird will be accurately kept track of. 

So, how does one go about achieving Champion status for your bird? In order to become a Champion, a bird needs to win at least one 1st place at a major show. A major show consists of at least 50 birds.  In addition, the bird needs at least 50 points and there is no time limit as to when it needs to earn those 50 points by. In a show with 50 birds, the 1st place bird will earn 10 points, the 2nd place 9 points, and so on, from there with the 10th place bird earning 1 point.

The more birds that are at a show the higher the point level will be. At a show with 150-plus birds, the 1st place bird would earn 20 points, and the 20th place bird would earn 1 point. So bring as many birds as you can to a show to help with the numbers and increase the number of total points given out! Also, the last requirement to make champion is that the bird needs to place on the top bench under at least three different judges. If your bird satisfies all these requirements by December 31st of that year, your bird will become a Champion, and you will then be able to show it in the Champion’s section the following year. 

Champion is not easy to achieve and takes a special bird, but Grand Champion is even more difficult.  In order for a Champion to become a Grand Champion, it needs 50 points shown in the Champion section and placed under three different judges, as well as another 1st place win as a Champion. When the bird achieves this, then on December 31st of that year, the bird will become a Grand Champion and will be officially retired from all ALBS shows.

Every year, the total points earned by all the birds for each exhibitor is tallied, and the top three exhibitors are awarded plaques given out at next year’s Nationals. So this year, the Nationals will be held in Denver, Colorado, and the top three Exhibitors for 2006 will be given plaques. The top 15 or more exhibitors are also listed on the ALBS’s website. The more banded birds you can get on the bench, the more points you can earn thereby increasing your changes of getting one of the top exhibitor spots.  

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